About Colin

Colin is passionate about singing - it’s in his family and his blood. Colin is not professionally trained but he is from Wales – a country of singers after all! – and has a raw talent that shines through whether he is singing a beautiful gentle ballad that can silence a room or a raunchy rocky number that can get a party started. He is known for his versatility, professionalism and different styles of singing, having a big voice when required and holding the most extraordinary long notes!

Colin began performing at 14 years of age and has accumulated more than 35 years’ experience singing in clubs, restaurants and at private parties. In his ‘day job’ Colin is a school teacher and has utilised his love of singing and performing for many years with children. Colin loves to entertain and so also entered the world of amateur theatre in September 2013, since which time he has appeared in numerous productions.

Colin is a father of five – three sons and two Golden Retrievers – living in North Lakes, Qld. His devoted wife and biggest fan, Caroline, joins him at all of his gigs and performances, for support, practical assistance, to help ensure that the ‘client’ is happy and everything is as it should be...and, quite honestly, because she would not miss any opportunity to hear Colin sing.

What do you get?

Colin is at home singing a very wide range of genre and songs.

He uses top-quality sound equipment and the best backing tracks to accompany him.

Personalised Performance

Colin will personalise his performance to suit you. You choose the type of music you want and, with sufficient notice, Colin will also do his best to source and learn any specific songs that he does not already sing and that you would like for your special occasion or event. For weddings or family parties with young children, Colin is also adept at getting them dancing along to some favourite tunes. Colin and his wife Caroline are both extremely professional and, between them, they will help ensure that you get the performance you wanted and that you are completely satisfied.



Colin’s current rate is usually $80 per hour of entertainment. He will automatically travel within an hour’s radius of North Lakes and will consider events further away, although these may attract a higher fee.

Retirement and nursing homes are charged at a lower rate.

Colin also sings at charitable events for no fee.

Fees are negotiable, and all inquiries and requests are very much welcomed.  

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